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So many different valuable types of coin can be in your pocket and you do not even know.  You my have a rare penny or nickel, but that is really rare.  You do have a great chance of having a coin that is silver in your pocket though.  This post will be very short and to the point.  I will list what to look for in your pocket or change jug:  Next examples are U.S. Coins.

90% silver coin,  Half dollars, quarters and dimes 1964 and older, meaning 1963, 1962, 1961………

40% silver, Kennedy halves 1965-1970

35% silver, war – time nickels 1942-1945

note:  The 1943 penny is silver colored, not silver.  The penny is zinc coated steel and is not valuable.  The valuable penny is the 1943 regular copper penny.  During world war 2 there was a shortage of copper so they made steel cents.

Silver coins from Canada that are common:

Pre – 1919, halves, quarters and dimes were 92.5% pure silver also called sterling.

1920 – 1966 halves, quarters and dimes were 80% silver

1967 and some of 1968 quarters and dimes were 50% silver

1935 – 1967 Canadian dollars were 80% silver.

So check your pockets.  You can have a fortune sitting in your change jug at home.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us.  West Town Jewelry & Loan are coin collectors and experts.  We are here for your questions and to buy coins and sell coins.  Stop by for a free appraisal.


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