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History of Gold Crowns

Constructing crowns from gold dates back as far as 4,000 years ago in Southeast Asia, according to documents.  It was a symbol of beauty.

In Luzon, an island in the Philippines, the earliest traces of gold teeth were found between the fourteenth and fifteenth century. Gold teeth were also discovered when the Spaniards colonized the Philippines in 1571, though the Spaniards did not approve of the practice.  All through history, besides it’s many benefits and long lasting ability, crowns were known as a power status.

The study concludes that gold teeth resulted as a sign of social distinction for chiefs and the political ruling class of Southeast Asia. The appearance of gold teeth symbolizes wealth, power and status. They’re commonly found in the mouths of famous athletes and musicians today.

As far as contained gold in dental gold, it varies.  The most common is 16k (67%) pure gold.  24k (999) was never used because it is to soft.  10k (417) was never used because it is to hard.  In older gold crowns especially from the turn of the century, I have seen higher.  I actually have purchased dental gold that was 21karat gold.  Here at West Town Jewelry & Loan, we never leave anything for chance.  We will test your item to determine the correct karat.

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