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West Town Jewelry & Loan buys diamonds and sells diamonds here at our wonderful Chicago location!

We have diamonds in our showroom!  Whatever we do not have we can get, usually next day.  We have a huge network worldwide for trading diamonds at wholesale prices.  We encourage  and educate our customers on how diamonds are priced.  We show how they look like under our microscope for clarity.  We will then show you how to figure out whether a diamond has a good cut to it.  You see, if the cut is not there, the diamond will not sparkle like it should.  We will then weigh it and put the stone in our fluorescence machine.  Fluorescence is good when you buy, but bad when you sell.  We will then determine the color of the diamond.

We will work with any budget and guide you through the whole process.  We know the process can be stressful and exciting at the same time.   We have made and sold thousands of rings at great prices.  When you come to West Town Jewelry & Loan we will quote you a buy price and a sell price.  We will then tell you why the price is what it is.  We feel that when you sell a diamond to us that we pay higher than virtually anyone.  When you buy a diamond from us we want to show you the diamond loose first.  We want to then help you customize and design your setting and possibly match it with your wedding band.  We have over 200 different settings and band styles here at our Chicago Ave. location.  We also want you to feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience.  When we sell we always like to sell you a diamond that is GIA certified.  GIA (gemological Institute of America) is the leading third party grading company.  We only buy and sell diamonds according to GIA standards.  If you have any questions I will personally be happy to answer them.  My name is Gabe and I am the owner of the store.  I also have a true passion for diamonds.  I am at my store six days a week because I love the business.  Look forward to seeing you at our store.

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With integrity we have built our business of almost 20 years because Jewelers, Antique Dealers, Traders, Investors and the general public trust us to give the best prices.