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Today I’m writing on behalf of some of our customers.  This article is very short and to the point.  I have been in this business since 1997 and have seen a lot of things.  I am not to happy about  some people in the industry.  Some businesses just give our industry a bad name.  Just when I think the pawn shop and estate buying industry is becoming normal I run in to negative feed back.  Look, everyone is entitled to make a profit!  Just how much is enough?  I came across six different situations today.  The first was a lady who have been to three other stores.  The lady said her highest price offered was 650 dollars for her gold.  She had a mix of 10k, 14k and 18k gold.  I figured the gold was worth 900.  I told her that I would be happy giving her 855.  She couldn’t believe it!   I said I am happy making 5% on my money.  I think 5% is great unless gold dropped a heck of a lot.  I then asked what was your lowest offer?  She told me 175.  I said what?  She said yea, and when I walked out towards the exit, the person chased me with a 20% more coupon.   To me that is just insane!!!

Here at West Town Jewelry & Loan, you never have to worry about not getting top dollar for your valuables.   We buy gold and we sell jewelry.  We are a business so there is a margin!  We are here to build relationships for the long term, so we can really be an asset to you and your family.  We are a local family business who wants you to spread the word around town.  We are the top buyers of gold. period!

As for the other five customers, it was the same situation.  We are very honest and up front with you.  If we show you what we make and show you what you will be paid, and its still not enough???   We will give you a short term loan on your item.  We offer solutions that are in our customers best interests.  We want you walking out of here feeling good about the situation.  Look, we get it, some people don’t want to sell or pawn or don’t want to be in a store when they are down on their luck.  We want to make the situation as warm and as friendly as it possibly can.


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