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We pay the highest for gold and diamonds.  We hear it everyday!  Our customers say they can’t believe our high pricing.  I Just paid someone $1500 for a diamond and they said they were offered only 200 by our competition.  Highest price paid for gold.  Highest price paid for diamonds.  We sell gold and we sell diamonds.

Always check to see what the current price of gold is.  The price of gold is called the spot price.  When you come in we will show you how we price and what we sell it for.  We will weigh it, x-ray it and pay top dollar for it.  We will pay you on the spot cash!

Sell diamonds to us!  Highest price paid for diamonds!  When you sell a diamond you also get an education from us.  We are Chicago’s experts in buying diamonds.  We buy diamonds of all shapes and sizes.  When you bring in your diamond we will give you an approximate appraisal when in the setting.  The only real way to appraise a diamond is to take it out of the setting.  When we carefully take it out of the setting we then start our work.  What we do first is put the loose stone in cleaner and hot water to make sure all hand soap is off the diamond so the clarity and color do not get altered.  The next step is to weigh the diamond.  When we are finished weighing the diamond we then do our formulas to check how good the diamond is cut.  We check for the table and depth percentage of the stone.   We then check the color of the diamond.   After we know the color of the diamond we then check the clarity of the stone.  To check the clarity we use our high grade 60X microscope.  The final step is to check if the diamond has any fluorescence.  Fluorescence can range from minimal to strong blue colored.

We are voted #1 highest price paid for gold and diamonds!  When we are done appraising we have a worldwide selling network.  Our network has been established form years of doing honest, ethical and quality work.  We know retail as well so we know all facets of the business.  We look forward to meeting you and appraising your gold and diamonds.  We are the #1 gold buyers in Chicago!

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About Us

With integrity we have built our business of almost 20 years because Jewelers, Antique Dealers, Traders, Investors and the general public trust us to give the best prices.