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Top price paid for gold coin in Chicago.  We buy gold coins.  We sell gold coins.  West Town Jewelry & loan offers the top price paid for gold coins because we are collectors.  We also trade gold coins.

We buy and sell gold bullion.  Bullion gold, silver or platinum coins or bars that are just the price of the metal.  Prices fluctuate sometimes every second of the day.   You can always keep track by of precious metals by going to  When you check a site like or other sites for up to date market conditions, make sure to click update so you do not have any old information.

We also buy gold coins for the coin’s value.  Gold coins have many rare dates that are worth way more than just the gold value.  For example, you can have a gold 2.5 dollar also known as a quarter eagle gold coin.  If you have a common date it can be just above gold value or at market price depending on the condition of the gold coin.  The same coin with the date of 1911 with a D mint mark is a very expensive rare coin.  I’m talking a graded ms66 is worth about 165,000 dollars.   A graded ms65 is worth about 50,000 dollars.   The numbers are huge in this hobby.   This is the reason you need to sell your gold coins to West Town Jewelry & Loan.   You need an expert and a trustworthy source when selling your gold coins.

What makes a coin rare is the fact that less were made of a certain gold coin in a certain year at a certain mint.   Some dates are plentiful in low grade conditions, but in high grade very scarce.   The date and mint mark are the factors in whether or not a gold coin is rare.   Many people think the older the gold coin is the more valuable.  Not true at all in numismatics.  I have seen a 3000 year old ancient gold coin sell for under 300 dollars.  Not much money considering the hands that it was in and that it survived 3000 years.   After the date and the mint mark is the condition of the gold coin.  The better the condition of the gold coin the more money you will receive.

Do not trust stores that are not experts!  Trust a source that has experience and matched with testimonials on google, yelp and word of mouth.  Please call us with any questions that you may have.  There is never any pressure here in regards to selling your gold coins.   We will give you a free verbal in person appraisal.  We will tell you what our buy and sell price is.  If you want to sell we will pay you cash.  If you just wanted to know how much it was worth and hold on to it then that is ok too.  Worst thing that can possibly happen is that you gain knowledge and we meet a new friend.

Stop by with your gold coins soon for a free in person appraisal.  West Town Jewelry & Loan offers the top price paid for gold coins.



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With integrity we have built our business of almost 20 years because Jewelers, Antique Dealers, Traders, Investors and the general public trust us to give the best prices.