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The first step is to look for a hallmark. Almost all real gold is stamped with a hallmark that says the karat weight of the jewelry, like 10k, 14k, 18k and so on. This stamp is usually found on the clasp of a necklace or bracelet, or on the inner band of a ring. You will see a number followed by a K, which means how many parts per gold the carat is. For example, a mark of “14K” means that it is 14 karat gold and that 14/24 (just over half) of the metal is gold. A marking of 24K would mean that the jewelry is 100% gold. The European system is a little more straightforward. European gold is marked with the gold content expressed as a decimal: “.585” would be 58.5% pure and “750” means 75.0% pure. If your item has no markings it is not necessarily proof positive that your item is fake. It is possible it’s an older item or possibly low karat.
The second step is nitric acid test. You can by nitric acid or 14k acid on EBAY or at a jewelry supply store. Simply take a file and file into the item. When you are done filing place a drop of nitric or 14k on the area. Please wear latex gloves when you do this because you can harm yourself. If the area you filed turns green the item is fake. If the area you filed does nothing it is real.
Using the magnet test is also a good test to determine if gold is real or fake. If your gold item is attracted to a magnet, your item is not gold.
The best and easiest way to tell if your gold is real or not is to take it to a reputable jewelry dealer. A dealer has the type of testing kit that can be used to tell if something is real gold or fake gold. West town Jewelry & Loan will test your items free of charge. When selling your gold or precious metals, always go to a reputable jewelry buyer. Make sure you go to someone that has a license and a company that has positive reviews. Come to West Town Jewelry & Loan for a free appraisal today,

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