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Before you think of selling your gold, check a trusted source to sell gold.  You want to see what the market value of gold is for that day.  Realize that you’re not going to get that price when selling your gold, but it will give you some idea of the value.  Call West Town Jewelry & Loan to check the value.  Call us at 312-374-1995.  We will be glad to research anything you have and guide you every step of the way.

There are many companies that buy gold through the mail.  Stay away from them as they will rip you off!   Instead google stores that have a good reputation and who have great reviews on google and yelp.   Call them to get at least some kind of quote.  If you feel comfortable with them and the person who answered your call was nice and an expert in his field, then go to them.  You will get a much better rate if the transaction is done in person.   You can also find buyers who actually will come to your home, or you can even set up a local party with neighbors and friends.  In my opinion stay away!!

Take your gold to the shop that you felt good with and let them look at it and weigh it.  They may need to test for the quality of the gold because some pieces may not be marked.   After they have tested the gold make sure it makes sense for you to sell.  If you sell gold to west town jewelry & loan we explain everything and show you the market price. Sell gold, buy gold, sell coins, buy coins, whatever you need we will buy.   Reviews are so important!  Research of a company will save you time and money.  If you went to a store close to your house and it seemed shady, it is!  You will then have to get three different quotes and accept the top offer.  It is so important to do research before you leave your home.  Do your homework so you do not waste time driving all over town.

Sell gold at our store because we pay top dollar!  We are experienced and also sell gold.  We have a very high end store that is warm and well lit.  We buy gold, we buy silver, we buy platinum, we buy watches, we buy coins and we buy musical instruments!  Check out our site at


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