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The best place in Chicago to sell or get a loan on your gold is West Town Jewelry & Loan. 

We always go by the market price of gold, platinum, silver, rhodium or palladium.  We are up to date with the latest technology so you have the exact current gold price at the time you are in our store.  Why go somewhere and get a price that has a 30 minute delay?  You want the most amount of money for your gold!  We are a one stop shop for most people.  Not sure what karat gold you have?  We will test it for you.  We have state of the art equipment and want your business.  We also can lend money on your valuables.

We are not your typical pawn shop.  We are a safe clean jewelry store with a pawn license.  We are under strict regulation by the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois.  We will pay you top dollar for you to sell your gold in Chicago.  Never mail your items in or travel far and waste time.  Sell gold near you!  Sell gold near your home or work.  Come in for a free quote!  Still not enough?  Get a quick cash loan at only 10%!  We have new state of the art safe’s and have jewelers insurance.  We will never wear or misplace your item.  When done correctly a pawn is a great financial instrument.  If you do not pick up your item in 60 days or refinance it, you will simply lose your item.  Nothing derogatory will ever go against your personal credit.  You will never have garnished wages or loss of pay.  A pawn loan is a collateral based loan.  Your collateral is your valuables.  I would be happy to meet you and see your items.  We are experienced advisors and would love to help come up with a terrific financial solution that fits your needs.  We will give you top dollar for your gold!

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With integrity we have built our business of almost 20 years because Jewelers, Antique Dealers, Traders, Investors and the general public trust us to give the best prices.