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SELL GOLD!  Everybody has gold lying around in their jewelry box or safety deposit vault they are not using. Instead of letting it collect dust, bring it to us. Right now, gold is at all time record prices. People are shocked at how much we are paying them for their old gold jewelry. Now is the time to sell before market prices drop. Look around for the following items we are buying:

Charm bracelets, Dental gold, Class rings, Wedding bands, Necklaces, Old rings, chains, Broken jewelry, broken jewelry, old coins, Broken jewelry and much more.

“We Buy Gold” stores sell to us! If you want top dollar for your unused gold; deal direct with us – you have found the right place! All prices are based on current up to the minute market quotes with immediate payment in cash.  Stop by for your free appraisal.  We will determine whether you have 8,9,10,12,14,16,18,20,21,22 or 24 karat with our state of the art equipment.

sell gold!  Sell gold to us for the best cash price!  We are 5 star rated on, and  We pay higher than virtually everyone!  Sell gold to the experts in Chicago.  We also have inventory and we are licensed to give you a loan on your jewelry.  We want you to tap into your jewelry for cash if you do not want to sell.  Stop by for a free appraisal and to sell gold!  We will also advise you if you are thinkin about investing in physical gold.  A good rule of thumb is to have 2% of your portfolio invested in precious metals.  With todays crazy markets we are advising our clients to have 5% of their net worth invested in gold.  We think with the uncertainty with our president and with the stock market at insane highs that gold is really a safe haven.

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