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There are many reasons people purchase diamond jewelry.  The number one reason I see, is self worth.  Some people measure their wealth by the size and quality of their diamond or diamonds.  Some people have their spouses with them and they want their spouse to know they are worth it.  They want the piece to be the talk of the town.  The more they spend the more they love.

The next reason is celebration!  Whether it be a 25th wedding anniversary or a birth of a child, diamonds mean a celebration!

3rd reason is, I did it!   A promotion at work.  Achieving a goal set, or recognition of an accomplishment.

4th reason is that a diamond is truly special.  A diamond is beautiful, mysterious and rare.

I think the 5th reason is making a first impression.  Showing someone you care.  Showing someone that you can afford it and take care of them.  The couple is not getting married yet, buy the boyfriend wanted to show appreciation for the girlfriend and how hard she works.

The 6th is  a promise of some sort.  It’s that moment when a man realize that today is his anniversary and he doesn’t have a present for his wife! Only a lavish gift will redeem him, and diamond jewelry is the answer. Demonstrating the investment in her happiness shows that she is at the top of his mind. “I don’t know what to get her and time is running out. Well, I can’t go wrong with a diamond, she’ll love it.”

The 7th is Saying sorry, or the need to make a point of how important a person is to you can be well expressed with diamond jewelry. The symbolism of a diamond as a stone that lasts forever and survives adversity to sparkle on, appeals to this motivation.

The final reason is simply, a diamond is a gift.  It shows thought and shows appreciation.

The experts here at West Town Jewelry & Loan know diamonds.  We buy diamonds and sell diamonds on a daily basis.  We have or can get a diamond for anyone’s budget.  If you are buying or selling we will show you the 4 c’s on a microscope and fluorescent machine.  We will educate you and advise you on the right choice and the right price.

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