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PAWN GOLD!  First of all, Gold is still very high.  With so much uncertainty in this world right now gold should continue to go up in price.  I have friends who trade and they are picking gold to go up based on every ignorant tweet from president trump.  Based on those circumstances and sell offs, Gold should be around $1200-$1300 per ounce for the next year or so.  Pawn gold.

This is a very unique situation.  On one hand if the world economy is bad gold is up.  If the economy is better, but gold has a greater demand then it will go up.  Foreign countries who do not like Trump will create uncertainty and gold will go up.  If you want to cash in your gold come to WEST TOWN JEWELRY & LOAN!  Sell gold coins Chicago at the premier place!  We pay the highest cash  for gold.

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