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Here at West Town Jewelry & Loan we want a winning situation for everyone.  If you bring in your gold or coins and do not want to sell them, you need a loan.  Everyday I speak with my customers about their valuables.  My name is Gabe and I am the owner of the store, but also here six days a week.  I am a true owner operator.  If you come in with your coins and gold and I can tell you do not want to part, I will not buy them!  I want you to either take them home and think about it or take a cash loan.  The way I look at it is, why sell your coins just because you need cash now!  You are a collector and have a passion for collecting.  I want you to keep your coins, take a loan with low interest and come back for your collection when you get on your feet.  I would rather be positive and speak with you about our mutual hobby. Why get rid of your collection when you didn’t need too?

I have needed cash many times in the past to pay an unexpected expense.  I sold my gold and my coins when I wish I could of kept them.  Before I started in the business I went to a place that was not very professional and the kind of place that gives our industry a bad name.  If I would have known I could have taken a loan I would have.

We are not your typical pawn ship!  We are very inviting, warm and professional.  We buy gold and sell gold.  We buy coins and sell coins.  We give loans for them too.  Our store is safe, secure, clean and just like a jewelry boutique.  We want to be an asset to you and you family for the long term.  We take pride in advising our customers with the right financial solution.  Stop in today to get a free quote on any type of jewelry or coins.


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