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diamond buyer chicago, west town jewelry & loan is the top rated diamond buyer in chicago

Diamond buyer Chicago, west town jewelry & loan is the top rated diamond buyer in Chicago.  There are many ways to value your diamonds and pay you top dollarWe believe in educating our customers first and then talk about price.  A diamond is a investment!  I will share with you the main ways to get the value:

     Carat Weight:  Carat is the weight or size of the diamond. It is the simplest and only truly objective pricing factor.

     Diamond Color: Diamonds are found in many colors. Subtle differences have a big impact on price.  Color is the biggest factor in pricing a diamond.

     Diamond Clarity: Clarity refers to the absence of imperfections or inclusions. Diamonds with perfect clarity are very rare.  You do not have to spend thousands more on a flawless diamond.  I will explain more when you stop in.

     Diamond Cut: Diamond cut creates the sparkle and brilliance. A good cut can make a lower quality stone more valuable.  The better the cut, the more premium the gem is.

     Diamond Shape: Rarity and demands of shapes such as hearts, ovals, and Radiants cut diamonds are not as demanding as a round brilliant cut or a cushion cut right now.

     Diamond Grading: Most diamonds sold online have grading reports or “certs” from independent labs. This grading can impact the diamond price.  You only go by what GIA says.  Other reports are no t even close.

     Market Factors: Supply and demand affects diamond prices as it does every product and service. Diamond prices can fluctuate greatly.  We are 5 star rated on, and  We are GIA certified!

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